General Election News: Sandwell Greens Field Full Slate of Candidates

1 March 2015

In the run up to the 2015 General Election, Sandwell Green Party have selected candidates to stand in every constituency covered by the borough, offering every single voter in Sandwell the option to vote Green for the first time.

Rob BuckmanWarley will be represented by Rob Buckman (pictured), who said, "2014 has seen record growth for the UK economy and the richest 1,000 people have doubled their wealth since 2010. Yet we see poverty, including child poverty, increasing; the use of foodbanks at an unprecedented high; the NHS in catastrophy; and for the average worker, wages have stagnated while the cost of living is going through the roof. The business as usual parties will tell you that more austerity is the answer. We at the Green Party reject this narrative."

Mark Redding, who will be standing in West Bromwich West, says, "For too long we have put up with a political system that tinkers around the edges but achieves very little progress, while life gets increasingly harder for ordinary people. Other political parties are torn between public pressure, and facilitating the wishes of their donors: the super rich and the giant corporations, who naturally want a system that is based around maximising their profitability. The Green Party are free from that dichotomy. We fight for a fair society, where everyone can feel included and involved. We fight for an economy that supports the neediest, not the greediest. We fight for a planet that we can be proud to leave to our children."

Also standing are Barry Lim for West Bromwich East, and John Payne for Halesowen and Rowley Regis. All four candidates are local residents who understand the issues faced in Sandwell, and are resolved to fight for their constituents and for what they believe in, rather than deferring to a party whip.

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