Green Party respond to poisoned property planned for Rattlechain Lagoon

1 November 2017

Labour councillors want to build new homes next to a chemical waste dump in Tividale.

Rattlechain Lagoon, off Temple Way, has been targeted for 250 new houses under Sandwell Council’s plans. The site was used to dump chemicals for over sixty years. Among other poisons, the pool contains white phosphorous. This is linked to the deaths of birds and animals around the lagoon.

Sandwell Green Party is working with concerned residents in a bid to halt the council’s plans. Local campaigner Ian Carroll says, ‘The site remains a risk to the public, pets, wildlife, the wider environment and the whole ecology of the area.’
John Macefield is campaigning against plans to build on the chemical waste dump

Local Green Party campaigner John Macefield says, ‘It’s shocking that nobody has thought about the health of local people. New homes may be needed in the area, but not at the cost of public health. The council should not think about housing people here until it is made safe.’

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