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Sandwell Green Party Contest 15 Seats In Local Elections

Sandwell Green Party is fielding 15 candidates in the local council elections on 3rd May. The party aims to break Labour’s stranglehold on Sandwell Council by giving voters the opportunity to vote Green.

The Green Party is now Sandwell’s third largest political party. The party is standing across the borough following the collapse of UKIP, which has just one candidate. Only two Liberal Democrats will be standing across the borough.

Labour currently holds 67 out of 72 seats on Sandwell Council. Of the five independent councillors, four were Labour Party candidates when they were elected. There are 26 seats up for election this year.

John Macefield, Sandwell Green Party coordinator and candidate for Bristnall, said: ‘After the recent controversies surrounding the Labour-dominated council it is more important than ever to hold them to account. Councils like Sandwell which are dominated by a single party lack proper scrutiny and provide poor value for money.

‘Putting a Green on Sandwell Council means important issues will be discussed, such as climate change, quality of life, social equality and addressing the damage caused by pollution to our children’s health. The Green Party will strive to prevent bad decisions being made, and I hope residents will help us do this by voting for their Green Party candidate on 3rd May.’